Venture Capital Funding, a Research Analysis

15 February 2023 | Newsletter

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Majority of Venture Capital funding goes to men rather than female entrepreneurs. Many ask me why this is and how we know this. I’ve recently written an article for Diversity Hub where I share my research analysis.

ON both sides of the Atlantic, the share of funding to female founders fell – again – in 2022. The amount of funding invested in all-female teams in the USA peaked in 2019 at 2.6 per cent. It has dropped to 2.0 per cent in 2022. The share in Europe peaked at 2.0 per cent in 2020 and has since collapsed to just 0.9 per cent.

It is a similar story around the world. This reduction in funding comes despite reports like the Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, the UK Treasury’s Investing in Women Code, and studies from Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey which prove that female founders and diverse teams outperform their male counterparts.

When you add ethnicity into the mix, the picture looks even worse. For example, in the UK between 2009 -‘19, just ten black female founders received investment. It’s scandalous.

The truth is the vast majority of venture capital (VC) funding goes to white men. Why?

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