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20 July 2022 | Newsletter

Welcome to The Fight for Fairer Funding newsletter where we share the latest in the fight for fairer funding in investment, raise awareness and provide education in line with our Mission. This newsletter from Funding Focus founder, David B. Horne, is part of the platform that sheds light on the uneven playing field that female and under-represented entrepreneurs of all genders face when it comes to raising capital for their businesses. We hope you enjoy it!

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This week on our Hear Your Money Myths series we discussed the topic of investment in small businesses and whether there’s actually money out there. One of the questions that came from this discussion was how to make your business attractive to investors.

This question is answered in my new book, Funded Female Founders! The chapter, “Ensuring You Raise Funding Successfully”, sets out the key steps to follow to secure the funding you need to grow your business:

  1. Have your fundraising assets ready
  2. Researching and approaching investors
  3. Pitching
  4. Negotiating the deal
  5. After the deal is done

For a sneak peak of what can be found in this section see the chapter summary below:

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. It isn’t. It’s so difficult and time consuming, fundraising can become a full-time job on top of your day job. This chapter will help you get through it.

Let me share a little context. Over the course of 2021, there was a huge increase in the volume of money invested into VC firms for deployment into promising startups. There was literally a wall of money out there. The problem is, there was also a huge increase in the number of startups seeking funding, as shown by my conversation with the managing partner of a London VC firm that had received over 1,000 applications in a year from companies looking for funding and made just sixteen investments. That means just 1.6% of approaches resulted in funding. Discussions with a partner in a Silicon Valley firm were broadly similar.

Follow the steps set out in this chapter to maximise your chances of being in that 1.6% and securing funding.

Fundraising can be a full-time job on top of the day job. It can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Be sure to call on your team for help in this stage.”

Want to learn more about these steps and get started with your fundraising? Get a copy of Funded Female Founders: How to traverse the uneven playing field and secure funding to grow your business here.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time…

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