The mission of Funding Focus is to level the uneven playing field that female and under-represented entrepreneurs of every gender face when raising capital.

We do this by raising awareness and providing education to founders, investors, NGOs and governments worldwide. We are committed to supporting UNSDG 4 – Quality Education and UNSDG 5 – Gender Equality.

The Events

The Funding Focus platform has been created to raise awareness and educate. One of the ways we do this is by running FREE quarterly online events. Our FREE 90 minute live online events are used to shed light on and raise awareness of the unfair playing field that female and under-represented entrepreneurs of every gender face when it comes to raising funds. We host entrepreneurs from around world. Join us at our next free event.


Upcoming events:

2024 dates
coming soon

Funding Focus Xplore

Funding Focus Xplore is a 6-week online course. Our next intake kicks off on 20th January 2022 and takes entrepreneurs on the journey of raising funds. Starting with the key fundamentals, you’ll learn valuable new material each week that builds
towards the final week, when we show you how to prepare your pitch. We’ll cover:



Your head



Your business



Introduction to finance
and fundraising



Creating the perfect



Angels, venture capital
and private equity



Bootstrapping, crowdfunding
and debt funding

By the end of this programme, you’ll have complete clarity over the process and have defined the right fundraising journey.
You’re an entrepreneur with a unique value proposition. Funding Focus Xplore will show you how to create the perfect
pitch that fits you, your business and your investor.

Thirteen percent of UK venture capitalists studied at Oxbridge, compared with less than 1% of the general population

At current rates, it will take 25 years for all-female teams to reach even 10% of VC deals according to research from the British Business Bank

Just 13% of minority ethnic founders surveyed over nine years had received VC funding

Feel more comfortable discussing the subjects of finance and fundraising – with your team, your advisors and your family

Just 0.9% of business founders in Europe are black

Only 6% of European CEOs are female. Only 1% of CTOs are

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