Inspirational Reading: Our Top 5 Blogs to Follow

13 December 2021 |

Here at Funding Focus, we love to read


But we also know that entrepreneurs are busy people, and sometimes all we want is content we can digest easily and conveniently. For this reason, we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite blogs as inspirational reading, which we wanted to share with you in the hope they’ll inspire you as much as they do us.


From clear-cut business advice to more reflective pieces, in no particular order here are the blogs we’d recommend:


Gary Vaynerchuck Blog

Why read it?

With an estimated net worth of $160 million, and nearly that many followers on his social channels, Vaynerchuck is not only a media-savvy entrepreneur, he’s a fascinating guy with undeniably infectious energy which comes through in each of his posts.


What type of content is posted?

Vaynerchuck seems to write most of his content, which is mainly about what he knows best: social media and marketing. From posts on how to grow your business using Instagram, to tips on what to do if you’re struggling to create content, each post details the time it’ll take to read. This allows you to decide when to read each post depending on how much time you have. Whether an in-depth article on social media strategy for your morning commute or a 3-minute insight into his latest adventure, read in between meetings, the blog is full of useful information and engaging updates on Vaynerchuck’s business.


Brené Brown

Why read it?

If you love Brown (you’ll know we do!) this is the blog for you. From inspirational Instagram posts to snippets of her latest novel, all of Brown’s content is posted in a digestible format on this URL.


What type of content is posted?

There are posts on vulnerability and shame, as this is the work she is famous for, but there are socio-political features too. Refreshingly honest content on the state of America is not only interesting, but sheds light on the psychology behind big decisions and events. The world needs to be approached with more empathy and understanding, and this is one so the reasons we follow Brown’s blog. She also shares excerpts from her book, so if you can’t commit to one of her novels, the blog is a good place to start. Our favourite post? “The most dangerous stories we make up”. As keen believers in the three principles, this one really struck a chord with us.


Key Person of Influence: Dent Global

Why read it?

Daniel Priestley, founder of Dent Global, has already featured on the blog in our book review of The Entrepreneur Revolution (check it out here). We were delighted to discover his blog which features a wealth of information. Contributors include leading members of his team and experts in a wide variety of industries. Dent Global specialises in strategy and technology for entrepreneurial businesses and the blog is full of insights on how to accelerate your brand and articles that support their KPI (Key Person of Influence) programme.


What type of content is posted?

With a range of contributors, the content is vast and varied. From phenomena we had never even heard of (ILR- The Illusion of Limited Resources) to a post on an anti-competitive approach to the industry, there are some really interesting pieces on here which will no doubt inspire and guide their reader. We particularly liked the article by Marianne Page on the importance of investing in people.


Entrepreneurs on Fire

Why read it?

So, this isn’t technically a blog, but bear with us and our creative, right-brained approach here! Entrepreneurs on Fire is a selection of award-winning podcasts, and was founded by John Lee Dumas. Dumas now lives in the Bahamas with his wife in ‘the house that the podcast built’[1], but things weren’t always so rosy, and he knows what it is to struggle. 4 years as an army officer, followed by law school, corporate finance and commercial real estate, Dumas has had a fascinating career path that allows him to conduct enlightening, empathetic interviews which are featured on the podcast.


What type of content is posted?

From Gary Vaynerchuck to Seth Godin, Dumas interviews entrepreneurs every day. Themes vary from leadership to achieving a good work/life balance, we’ve found that the variety of topics means there is something here for everyone.


The Entrepreneur’s Library

Why read it?

Library, podcast, blog, this site has it all. Founded by Wade Danielson, there is a wealth of reading material to be found on the blog. Danielson states ‘Over time I have learned it is through reading I have been able to grow a business from zero and turn it into a million-dollar company in four short years.’[2] If that’s not enough of an incentive, we don’t know what is!


What type of content is posted?

There is the regular ‘5 lessons every entrepreneur can learn from…’ feature, which distills advice from successful business people, to book reviews and recommendations which will help you pick a book that’s right for you and your company.


While these are some of our favourites, it has to be said that there are plenty of blogs, vlogs and podcasts out there, many of which are worth a read. Here at Funding Focus, we feel very lucky to be living in an age where there is so much information available, and all for free. We are certainly advocates of reading and learning and hope these blogs guide you as they have done for us.





[1] www.eofire.com

[2] www.theelpodcast.com


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