The share of funding to female founders falls – again!

14 January 2021 |


The share of funding to female founders falls – again!


Venture capital funding exploded in 2021, breaking all historic records. Stories of the “wall of money” have been widespread, and according to Crunchbase, investment by VC firms globally hit $643 billion in 2021, up 92% on 2020.


Yet again, female founders are not getting their fair share of this money.


According to Pitchbook, a total of $330 billion was invested by VCs in the USA last year – up by 91% – while investments in Europe topped €100 billion – growth of 115% over 2020. Mixed gender teams in the USA received $56 billion, more than double the prior year and their share of total funding in the USA grew from 12.3% to 15.6%. Funding to all-female teams was $6.4 billion, up by 84%, but as a share of total funding it fell from 2.2% to just 2.0%. That’s down two years in a row, after reaching 2.6% in 2019. You have to go back to 2009 to see funding to female founders at its record high in the USA of 2.8%.


Staying with the Pitchbook data and moving across the Atlantic to Europe, it’s an even worse story. Despite the record-breaking sums invested, the share of funding to mixed gender teams fell from 14.4% in 2020 to 13.4% in 2021, and the share to all female teams collapsed from 2.4% to just 1.0% of the total.


In the last 14 years, since 2008, in both the USA and Europe, which account for three-quarters of VC investment globally, the share of funding to female founders has never broken through 3%! My research suggests the share is even lower in much of the rest of the world.


It’s not a question of deal flow, which some narrow-minded investors have told me is the reason they don’t invest in female founders. As you can see from the graphic, all male teams are submitting around 75% of decks in the USA and getting well over 80% of funding. It’s a pretty similar story in Europe. Mixed gender teams are holding their own, but the situation for all-female teams is getting worse! You’ll see that all female teams submitted 5.0% of decks in Europe and 6.5% of decks in the USA – both up year-on-year – and yet their share of funding fell year-on-year to 1.0% in Europe and 2.0% in the USA.


Something has to change.


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