Fundraising Tips: Venture Capital

17 December 2021 |   In our fundraising series, Venture Capital is the next step up.   The key difference between Venture Capital and other fundraising options, is that you’re dealing with professional fund managers whose job it is to control other people’s money. Because of this, the checks are tougher and the investor involvement […]

Fundraising Tips: Angel Investors

16 December 2021 | Angel investing is effectively the next step up from crowdfunding   The sums are greater, the investor involvement is higher and it is slightly trickier to access. However, the payoff from a successful relationship with an angel can be huge.   Angel Investors are typically wealthy individuals who have a background […]

What is Crowdfunding and How Does it Work?

15 December 2021 | What is Crowdfunding and How Does it Work?   Crowdfunding enables companies to raise money from a large number of people – i.e. from “the crowd”.   Typically, investments range from £10 to tens of thousands. Crowdfunding has changed the rules of the fundraising game; some sites offer debt, some equity, […]

How to Properly Maintain your Small Business Budget

14 December 2021 | So you’ve built your business budget, you’ll need to ensure you properly monitor it.   Naturally, this can seem like a very big task. Keeping track of your expenditure requires meticulous attention to detail and inputting your income week by week can seem like just another admin task. An accountant may […]

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