Building success for female and minority-led startups

18 January 2023 | Newsletter

Welcome to The Fight for Fairer Funding newsletter where we share the latest in the fight for fairer funding in investment, raise awareness and provide education in line with our Mission. This newsletter from Funding Focus founder, David B. Horne, is part of the platform that sheds light on the uneven playing field that female and under-represented entrepreneurs of all genders face when it comes to raising capital for their businesses. We hope you enjoy it!

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If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re probably aware of our mission, the Fight for Fairer Funding initiative which we started in 2019 and have been following our updates on the launch and completion of our fund, Funding Focus Investment Trust plc.


This fund will be dedicated to investing in female and ethnic minority founders. It is on a mission to secure attractive valuation in female- and ethnic minority-led companies that have the ability to outperform peers.

We have been working hard on this very important launch and have used some of the best resources out there to equip us with the right tools. One such resource is Pitchbook. In addition to using Pitchbook to keep up to date with the numbers and statistics of funding to female and minority entrepreneurs, we’ve recently done an interview with Pitchbook on how we’re using the tool to build success for female and minority-led startups.

Check out the full case study below. 

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